Hi! Today I’m really excited to share with you guys one of the unique food from Japan and it’s the Chiba Sweet Potato. Chiba is actually located just right next to Tokyo and the home to Narita International Airport and Tokyo Disneyland. Because of the perfect weather and nature, Chiba main sector is agriculture and plantation. They produced lots of quality fruits and vegetables such as carrots, corns, watermelons and of course Sweet Potatoes.

Today, we are very lucky because we can get to taste Chiba Sweet Potato here in Malaysia. Chiba Prefecture start to market this potatoes this year and it already available in several supermarket such as Village Grocer in Bangsar. But how it really taste?  Read more to find out.

Chiba Sweet Potato

At Village Grocer Bangsar


Did you know CHI-BA+KUN is the mascot of Chiba and its actually come from the shape of Chiba Prefecture. It’s really cute isn’t it?

Okay, back to the potatoes. I was invited to the Chiba Sweet Potato launching ceremony in Village Grocer and it was launched by the representative from Chiba Sweet Potato and Chiba Prefecture from Japan. Few of my blogger friends were invited as well. There are some promotions and sampling so that visitors and bloggers can have the real taste of the Chiba Sweet Potato.

Chiba Sweet Potato

Chiba Sweet Potato in packs

Chiba Sweet Potato

Launching ceremony

Chiba Sweet Potato

Guess the weight of potatoes

I tasted the baked version, and it’s really blow my mind. At first I feel weird because they didn’t remove the potato skins. However, the skins taste really good. Its feel crunchy in some area and most part its taste really good. The inside potato is yellow and very different from ours.  Its also taste good and so sweet. It has some moist feeling and the texture is really soft. Chiba Sweet Potato is so unique and I was told it’s also good for our health. It’s suitable to eat as daily snack or breakfast.

Even though Chiba Sweet Potato are imported from Japan, the price is surprisingly reasonable with average RM8 – RM13 per pack for medium size consist of 4-5 piece of potatoes. I think with this price tag, I don’t mind to spend for it since I love the taste and it will benefit my health.

Chiba Sweet Potato

During activities with blogger friends

Chiba Sweet Potato

Wonder what Sally (http://www.sallysamsaiman.com) thinking

During the launching, my blogger friends and I get the chance to play some games and activities. Thank you to Chiba Prefecture for introducing this to me.

Chiba Sweet Potato

Looks inside the potato

Chiba Sweet Potato

It’s taste so good and sweet

Chiba Sweet Potato

Chiba Sweet Potato

So, don’t forget to buy Chiba Sweet Potato at the your nearest supermarket.

Watch this video to find out more :

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  • Hi Mr Mohd Zarin,

    I am Mr Vishnu from Sepang, Selangor.
    I am 38 years old farmer planting purple and oren colours of sweet potatoes ready to sell with the price MYR 2.30 per kg for oren colour and MYR 3.70 per kg for purple.
    For Klang valley area pick up transportation will be arrange by our self freely.
    Let us know if any further clarification needed for our fruitful future business.

    hp# +60149691573

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