Hi everyone, this is my Behind The Scene blog post. This is my special blog dedicated to Mr Andrew Parker, the Hot Air Balloon Pilot for “Flying High for Kids“. Currently, he is in Cambodia continuing his journey to travel around the world and fly the UNICEF Hot Air Balloon. Well, it’s not an easy job but somebody has to do it. This special project is actually started at his hometown which is New Zealand. Malaysia is his 3rd country (if I’m not mistaken) and his final destination is Chile. This project will took around 4 years to be completed.

I’ve met him when he was in Malaysia early this month and I manage to arrange a video shooting with him. The video shooting is basically to highlight his profession and to give awareness about his project. We did the shooting at Putrajaya and Kedai Makan Upin & Ipin with AKA Balloon assistant. For those who don’t know, AKA Balloon is the company behind the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon International Fiesta.


Andrew checking the weather


The special truck to keep the Hot Air Balloon


Are you ready?


Setup and checking




Atleast 4-5 people needed to assist on setup the Hot Air Balloon

My New Media team and I arrived at Putrajaya around 7am but we couldn’t start shooting because of the weather. It was unexpected raining at morning and all of us just have to wait in the car. After more than 1 hour of waiting, finally we have a clear sky. Mr Andrew starts with checking the wind directions and the ground condition. The wind direction determined where the balloon will fly. Believe or not, all of balloon equipments were kept in his special custom made truck. It took around 20 minutes to setup the balloon with 4-5 people assistants.

Due to the limited space, there are only 1 cameraman can join Andrew. We have several cameras with different lenses to capture this moments. We also attach a GoPro at the carrier to have an extra angle. We really have to be careful with our camera equipment because of the heat and fire produced from the burner. I asked Andrew about the safety of the Hot Air Balloon and his answer is; “The Hot Air Balloon is really save. You don’t need a parachute because Hot Air Balloon its like a big parachute. You will be safe if anything happen.”

After the final checking and setting, finally Andrew is ready to fly his balloon.


Andrew checking the condition of his balloon


Heat from the burner


Setting the GoPro


Final checking


I am ready too


Hakem with his flycam


Hafiz with his camera

It was great to see the balloon fly high in the sky. It’s like something you didn’t see everyday and you start to wave at it.  The Hot Air Balloon did not landed back to the original fly point because it fly according to the wind directions. So, the 2nd part is to track and chase the balloon. We drive around Putrajaya and try to search for the balloon. You know what, tracking a flying object its not easy as it may look. Even though we can see the Hot Air Balloon from far, but we couldn’t chase it because of the route obstacles such as trees and mountain.


Flying high


Hot Air Balloon in the sky


Very calm


Hakem selfie with Andrew Parker

I’m not sure where the balloon take us, but the chase ended at Kampung area near Putrajaya. The balloon were landed save and waiting for us to assist them. I’m not sure exactly where is it but there are some locals trying to help us by giving directions. There are a few kids were excited to see the balloon and take a photo with Upin & Ipin. Its was a great experience.

After packed everything back at the truck, we went to Kedai Makan Upin & Ipin, Putrajaya to set an interview session with Andrew. We completed everything around 4pm. Thanks again to Andrew Parker for his time and this opportunity. Our collaboration did not ends here. Andrew will bring Upin & Ipin figurines with him and take a special photograph wherever he go throughout his journey. He will share this photograph at his Facebook “Flying High for Kids“.


The Balloon landed safe


Pushed to the flat ground


Kids are excited to see the Hot Air Balloon


It’s time to set it off


Its not easy to set off the balloon


During the video shooting at Kedai Makan Upin & Ipin

2014-06-05 15.48.45

Selfie with Andrew Parker


p/s : All the best to Andrew Parker~! 


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