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Mipcom at Cannes, France

This is my second time appointed to go for business trip oversea. This time I had a chance to went to Cannes, France for event called MIPCOM. For those who have watched “Mr Bean : The Holiday”, this is the place where Mr Bean want to go. Cannes is located near from the seaside. We can see amazing beach scenery even from inside the event’s building.


At the booth

016 (1)

View from the rooftop


Behind me is the Disney’s booth


What a sunny day

MIPCOM is the place for filmmakers, producer and all creative agencies to gather every year to sell and buy new products for their TV Station etc.

At MIPCOM we call see all big names in the industry such as Disney, MGM , Warner Bros and many more. They even organize a film award with the red carpet and famous celebrities.  Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to participate because I was here for work.

I really love the environment because it really relaxing and calm. I stayed at the apartment and come to MIPCOM everyday by bus. During this trip, it actually during fasting month. I felt really grateful because I manage to complete my fasting with a lots of new challenges.


Love the view


I dont know what is this


Can anyone spot anything weird at the beach?


This is where I stayed


Bye Bye France

It was a good experience and very unforgettable one. No matter how wonderful other country are, spend almost a week there makes me miss my hometown. There no other better than our own country. Plus, I spend half of my pagi raya on the flight and another half at the airport. Listening to the raya song that day really make me thankful that Im home.


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